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Powdering the future

Revolutionary Dehydration and Milling Equipment

Enagon's proprietary equipment re-envisions the way products are dried and ground into powders. We provide a streamlined solution to process food and organic wastes, agriculture by-products, and industrial processing sidestreams.

Unlock new product opportunities with Enagon Milling Systems.

Simplify your operations by combining the drying and milling of your material. Our specialized milling equipment is perfect for organizations looking to dry material and produce a powdered product.


Works across a variety of materials: human or animal food ingredients, nutraceuticals, supplements, pharmaceuticals and industrial materials.

Enagon Advantages
  • Preserve nutrients through low temperature processing

  • Increase nutrient bioavailability through high surface area particles

  • Improve mixability, dispersibility, and suspension with non-uniformly shaped particles

  • Achieve clean label processing without flow-agents or carrier additives

  • Short residence time (material travels through system in 1-2 seconds)

  • Compact machine footprint, user friendly, and easy to clean

  • A clean, electrified solution. No natural gas or propane required for heat

  • Powders down to nanometer size in same equipment

Combine Enagon Mills With Your Existing Dryer

Drum Drying

More gentle than drum drying. Avoid scorching products and killing nutrients by finish drying with an Enagon Mill.

Freeze Drying

Shorten cycle times and reduce energy consumption by finish milling in an Enagon System.

Spray Drying

Improve spray-dried powder texture and particle characteristics with an Enagon Mill.

How It Works

By subjecting biological material to rapid pressure changes and extreme g-forces that exceed the elastic limit of cell walls, the Enagon Mill opens cell walls and liberates the intracellular material from the cells. This produces a heterogeneous mixture of cell wall fragments and intracellular material. Water and volatiles in the biological material is liberated and atomized producing a substantially dry mixture having a lower water content than the original material.


Industries we serve


Improve mixability, solubility, dispersibility, and suspension. Retain key nutrients through Clean Label processing. Upcycle by-products and waste material.

Biofuels & Bioplastics

Increase reaction efficiency with low moisture, high surface area particles. Increase throughput of organic filler material in plastics compounding and downstream processing.


Upcycle by-products and waste material into new revenue streams. Reduce volumes and weight of raw material to lower cost of transportation.

Paper, Pulp, Packaging

Mechanical fibrillation creates high surface area, non-uniform shearing and fractionation. Reduce resources used throughout traditional processing methods.

Waste Management

Increase efficiency in waste-to-energy plants. Reduce volume and weight of material to lower cost of transportation.

Textiles & Nonwovens

Create high surface area, non-uniform particles and fiber lengths through mechanical fibrillation, shearing, and fractionation.

about us

We're on a mission to make the world a better place by diverting products from landfills and waterways. We work with our customers to find novel and innovative market applications for their materials by way of Enagon's proprietary processing systems.

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