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Improve mixability, solubility, dispersibility, and suspension. Retain key nutrients through Clean Label processing. Upcycle by-products and waste material.


Upcycle by-products and waste material into new revenue streams. Reduce volumes and weight of raw material to lower cost of transportation.

Waste Management

Increase efficiency in waste-to-energy plants. Reduce volume and weight of material to lower cost of transportation.

Biofuels & Bioplastics

Increase reaction efficiency with low moisture, high surface area particles. Increase throughput of organic filler material in plastics compounding and downstream processing.

Paper, Pulp, Packaging

Mechanical fibrillation creates high surface area, non-uniform shearing and fractionation. Reduce resources used throughout traditional processing methods.

Textiles & Nonwovens

Create high surface area, non-uniform particles and fiber lengths through mechanical fibrillation, shearing, and fractionation.

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