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upcycling FOOD WASTE

Enagon's proprietary process allows you to take full advantage of food processing by-products and tackle food waste head on. Whether it's apples, beets, carrots or supermarket reject pumpkins, you can stop sending your waste to low value markets or composting and instead transform your by-products into functional, shelf-stable, powdered ingredients.

Benefit from Low Temperatures

Temperatures that exceed 137 ̊F for even a short length of time have a damaging effect on the nutritive value of most produce. Material in our technology never exceeds 130 ̊F and rarely passes above 100 ̊F.

Skip the Carrier Additives

Our process removes the need for chemical additives to separate, weaken, or denature the physical structure of the material as in traditional drying methods.

Functional Particle Characteristics

Particles have a high surface area with non-uniform shapes which results in better suspension and stability when mixed with other products.


ReFED estimates that 24% of food in the U.S. – 54 million tons – goes straight to landfill, incineration, down the drain, or is simply left in the fields to rot.

Our technology is unlike existing methods of comminution. Ball mills, pin mills, roller mills, and hammer mills produce fine particle sizes through attrition and compressive forces of large raw material.


Enagon's equipment is able to reduce particle size while driving off moisture at the same time without external heat. The moisture is eliminated as the particles are reduced and the natural fibers are liberated on a steady basis through the mill.

What would normally take multiple pieces of equipment and large quantities of heat can be replaced with one simplified process.

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